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Distribution Box Factory HW-PD-14 Aluminum Alloy Tempered Glass Panel Board






  • America 


◇Aluminum alloy bottom frame:

The bottom frame is made of aviation aluminum material, ammonium chain extrusion, CNC machining, frosted, wire drawing and oxidation.

◇Toughened glass mask:

It is made of 3MM tempered glass as the main material, CNC cutting, water milling and polishing, double screen printing.

◇Seiko accessories:

Gear position film (a gear position film is equal to a single air open).

◇Aluminum alloy I-shaped rail:

Using aluminum alloy material as the guide rail, the guide rail is available on both sides, and the application range is wider; one side is deep groove, the other side is shallow groove, you can choose according to the air switch (intelligent module) buckle.


The reasonable layout of 18 knockout holes allows you to know the layout well;

The box body is made of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel with numerical control stamping, numerical control bending, spot welding, and environmental protection spraying.

◇Modular design

Modular design, convenient installation, reasonable layout, neat and beautiful.

◇Baffle quick release buckle:

Installation and maintenance are faster, making the inner box more tidy and beautiful.

The 3mm hidden multi-radiation belt and the long-opening cooling system make the heat dissipation faster and more scientific.

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