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HW-Y2CLGT、HW-Y3CLGT、HW-Y4CLGT、HW-L2CLGT Electromagnetic Relay

Products have serialization, basic type, improved type, functional type and so on
Functional type can be used to manually change the contact state which' also has two functions: point test and self- lock
Working state LED indicator, coil voltage DC with LED optional infinite input
Novel structure, ingenious design, beautiful appearance, high electric resistance, with multiple patents
improved type with action state Mechanical indicator window
Improved and functional relay cover has a variety of fixed circlip design for mounting
  • America 

Type and meaning


1、Enterprise Code: Haohui Electronics

2、Serial Number: Y etc

3、Number of contact groups: two,three,four

4、A-normally open contact Contact Form: C-conversion type B-normally closed contact

5、mounted type: F:flange mounted type P:PCB mounted type No Letters: plug-in moudted

6、operating state:L:LED indicate No Letters:no indicate

7、auxiliary function :D/CRInhibitory protection

8、Coil Voltage:DCis for direct voltage AC is for alternating voltage

Product performance

 Model HW-Y2 HW-Y3 HW-Y4 HW-L2
 Dimension ±0.5mm LongxWidexHigh 27.4×21.0×35.4mm
 Contact Form 2(A、B、C) 3(A、B、C) 4(A、B、C) 2(A、B、C)
 Contact Material AgCdo、AgSno2、Silver Alloy
Resistance Performance Of Contactor Capacity 10A
 Contact Resistance ≤50m  Ω
Coil Power AC 1.2VA
DC 0.9W
Coil Voltage AC 6~380VAC
DC 6~ 220VDC

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