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JR-SS Series Thermal Relay

JR-SS electronic overload relay is sutable for AC 50/60Hz, voltage up to 600VAC and current up to 60A. itis used as overlood and phase loss protection. independenty adjustable storting and trip deloy. visual current setting aid and trip indication, fail safe protection[N typel and electronic shear pin function. The product conforms to IEC60947-1 standard.
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Type JR-55
Current ronge 05)0.5-5Alscale 6.5A)
3013~30Alscale 35Al
60)5-60A(scale 70A)
Rated voltage 600VAC.50/60Hz
Operoting setting D-TME 0.2-30 seconds
O-TIME 0.2~10 seconds
Accurocy Current ±10%
Time ±15%of max,time set volue
Time charocteristics Definite bime
Control voltoge 220i Voltage freel90~260WAC.50/60Hz
440 Voltage free(320-480NAC.50/60Hz
Other voltoge optional
Current sensing 2CTs
Output contacts Contacts SPDT 3A/250VAC Resistive


N Type
RType Normolly De-energized 95
Reset Manual or remote electncal by interrupting supply
Environment Temp Run -20+70 deg.℃
Store -30+80 deg℃
Humidity 45~85%RH,non-condsing
Insulation Between casing and circuits:Over 10MO with DC 500V megger
Dielectric strength 1)Between casing 8 and circuits:AC 2000v,60hZ.1min
2)Between contacts:AC 1000V,60Hz.1min
3)Between circuits:AC 2000W,60Hz,1min
Power consumption Under 2W
Mounting 35mm Din RaillD|
The run-up current of motorlstarting current)does relay trip becouse overcurrent protection of JR-SS is not
opplied during motor run-up time

Outline and Mounting Dimensions


Auiliary Contact Block


Time Delay Auxiliary Contact Block

Auxiliory instantaneous
contoctor block,contoctor IV
0.1.3s LA2-DTO
0.1.30S LA2-DT2
10..180S LA2-DT4
1..30S LA2-DS2
Appeliation type

Time delay auxiliary contoctor
block releasing and delay
0.1.3S LA2-DTO
0.1.305 LA2-DT2
10...1805 LA2-DT4


Contactor and other auxiliary blocks.


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