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Yuanky 64/110KV Outdoor Terminaton With Composite Insulator For 64/110KV Xlpe Cable


Product Introduction

The external insulation of the composite termination is composed of a glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube and a silicone rubber rainshed, aluminum alloy flanges with strong corrosion resistance are installed at both ends. It is the best substitute for porcelain covers and has gradually been accepted all over the world.


  • America 

Product Features

Safety explosion-proof, It won’t explode from internal flashover, effectively reduce the risk of failure, and especially suitable for densely populated areas or places with concentrated electrical equipment;

Silicone rubber has good stain resistance and aging resistance;

Light weight, about half of the weight of the porcelain sleeve termination, easy to install;

Good seismic performance;

Not easy to damage, easy to transport and install, improve efficiency;

All prefabricated stress cones are 100% factory tested as per standard in the factory.

Technical specification

Test Item


Test Item


Rated Voltage U0/U 64/110kV PorcelainBushing External Insulation

High strength electric porcelain with rain shed

Maximum Operating Voltage Um 126kV Creepage Distance


Impulse Voltage Tolerance Level 550kV Mechanical Strength

Horizontal Load≥2kN

Insulating Filler Polyisobutene Maximum Internal Pressure


Conductor connection Crimping

Pollution Tolerance Level

Grade IV

Applicable Ambient Temperature -40℃~+50℃

Installation Site

Outdoor, Vertical±15°

Altitude ≤1000m


About 200kg

Product Standard GB/T11017.3 IEC60840

Applicable Cable Conductor Section

240mm- 1600mm2

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