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Smart Breaker 10KA 6KA IEC Certified Mcb Mini Circuit Breaker Wenzhou High Mcb



The state-of-art design

Elegant appearance;cover and handle in arc shape make comfortable operation.

Contact position indicating window

Transparent cover designed to carry label.


  • America 

Handle central-staying function for circuit faultl indicating OIn case of overload to protected clrcut,MCB handle trips and stays at central position,which Oenables a quick solution to the fauly line,The handle cannot stay in.such position when operatedmanally.

High short-circuit capacity OHigh shart-circuit capacity 10KA tor whole range and 15kA capacity tor current rating up to

40A thanks to the powerful electric arc extinguishing system.

Long electrial endurance up to 6000 cycles thanks to quick making mechanism.

Handile padlack device OMCB handle can be locked either at“ON”position or at“OFF”position to prevent unwanted operation of the product.

Screw terminal lock device OThe lck device prevents unwanted or casual dismounting of connected terminals.

Technical Data


Rated voltage:AC 230/400V

Fated current(A):1,,13.16,20,25,32,40,50,63

Tipping curve:B.C.D

Rated short-circult capacity(lcn):10kA.BkA

Rated service short-circuit breaking capacity(lcs):7.5kA.6kA

Rated frequenays 50/60Hz

Energy liting class:3

Rated impulse withstand voltage.6.28V

Electro-mechanical endurance.20000

Contact position indication

Connection terminal:

a5 a6

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