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smart circuit breakers OEM HW-40AP 20A 40A wifi intelligent IoT circuit breaker

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    Instantaneous trip type>C type (other types. Customizable)

    Rated current>20A, 40A

    Meet the standard>GB16917 GB10963.1

    Short-circuit breaking capacity≥6KA

    Short-circuit protection>When the circuit is short-circuited, the circuit breaker 0.01s power-off protection

    Leakage protection> When the line is leaking, the circuit breaker will be cut off for 0.1s

    Leakage protection value> 6, 10, 30mA

    Leakage self-test>According to the actual use, the day, hour, and minute can be set, or it can be manually operated locally

    Overvoltage and undervoltage protection>When the line is overvoltage or undervoltage, the circuit breaker will be powered off after 3s (0~99s can be set)>Overvoltage setting value 250~330v, undervoltage setting value: 100~200v

    Power-on delay> When a call comes in, it will automatically close, 0-99s can be set

    Power-off delay>When the power grid is suddenly cut off, the circuit breaker is in the open state, and can be set in 0~10s

    Setting rated current>0.6~1 ln

    Overload delay protection>0-99s can be set

    Over temperature protection>0~100℃ can be set, breaker opening time can be set 0~99s

    View>Locally check the voltage, current, leakage current, temperature, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, accumulated power, daily power consumption and other parameters through the APP or PC terminal

    Manual and automatic integrated control>Mobile APP or PC control, can be controlled by buttons, and can also be controlled by push rod (handle)

    Software remote upgrade>The program can be customized according to actual usage to realize remote update and upgrade

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