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Wholesale 3P Electrical Factory Price 3 Phase 250A Mccb Moulded Case Circuit Breaker


Product Features

YKM6,YKM6LY,YKMGRT,YKM6E.YKM6EL series breaker,it’s updated version of breaker which combined with the advantages of the international similar products and developments and researches of market demands.

Rated insulation voltage is to 1000V,applied to the power distribution network which is AC 50 Hz,rated voltage 690V,rated working current 10 A-800A,used for distribution power and to protect circuit and power equipment from overload,short circuit,under voltage fault damage,etc.Also can be used as the protection of motor frequent start and overlood,short circuit,under voltage.


  • America 

The breaker has small volume,high breaking capacity,short arcing characteristics,is an ideal product to users.Vertical installation,also can be installed horizontally.

YKM6DCDC series molded case circuit breaker(hereinafter referred to as breakerl is applied to DC system which rated voltage up to and including the DC 1000V,rated current 10-800A,used for distribution power and protect circuit and power equipment from damage caused by overload,short circuit,etc.

Products can be upper wiring,lower wiring,and no polarity.

This product conforms to the IEC60947-2,GB14048.2

Pole 3P,4P
Rated Current(A) 125,160,250,630,800
Rated Voltage (V) 400V AC
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Tripping Curve B, C
Rated Short-circuit Capacity 50KA
Electro-mechanical Endurance 3000 cycles
Connection Terminal Pillar terminal with clamp
Installation Bolt on
Panel mounting

Main Performance

Frame current(A) 250
Model YKM6-250H
Nurnber of poles 3,4
Roted Current(A) 100,125,140,160,180,200,225,250
Roted voltoge(V) AC400V
Roted irsulation voltoge(V) AC1000V
IKAIcu/icsShort-circuit bredkingcapacity IKAicu/lcs AC400V 85/50
number of Operating cycles ON 3000
OFF 7000
DImensions(mm)a-b-c-ca (2p)2pole(2P) 105-165-88-115
3P3pole(3P) 140-165-88-115
Weight (kg (2p)2pole(2P) 1.7
(3p)3pole(3P) 2.1
Automatic tripping device Thermal electromagnetic
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