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YUANKY DC Mccb 63A 2000A Solar PV DC1000V DC250V Moulded Current Circuit Breaker


HWM1 series plastic case circuit breaker is designed on the basis of careful analysis and research on the demand of power system. It absorbs the advantages of similar products, summarizes the experience of joint design products, and fully considers the overall operation requirements of the design. The operator is safe and convenient, the design is reasonable, and the complete versatility of the equipment is considered.


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Purpose and scope of application
The HWM 1 series plastic case circuit breaker has a rated insulation voltage of 800V and is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated working power below 690V, and rated current from 6A to 2000A. Circuit breakers are generally used for power distribution and can also be used for motor protection. Under normal circumstances, it can be used as an infrequent conversion of the circuit and an infrequent start of the motor. Protection in the distribution network for distributing electrical energy and when overloading, shorting and undervoltage of eletrical equipment in the circuit. The circuit breaker for protecting the motor is used as a break in starting and running of the motor in the power distribution network and as an overload, short circuit and pin under voltage protection of the motor. The circuit breaker can realize the protection service between the upper and lower levels, and has three-stage protection function.
The circuit breaker cannot be inverted into the line, that is, only the power lines can be connected to 1, 2, and 3, and the load lines can be connected to 2, 4, and 6.
The circuit breaker can be installed vertically (ie, vertically) or horizontally (ie horizontally).
The circuit breaker has an isolation function and its corresponding compliance is
By voltage level: DC250V DC500V DC750V DC1000V DC1 500V
According to rated current (A):
HWM1-63 is (6), 10, 16. 20, 25, 32. 40. 50, 63A grade 9 (6A specification has no overload protection);
HWM1-100 is (10), 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 ten grades;
HWM1-225 is 100, 125. 140, 160, 1 80, 200, 225 seven levels;
HWM1-400 is 225, 250, 31 5, 350, 400 five grades;
HWM1-630 is 400, 500, 630 three grades;
HWM1-800 is 630, 700, 800A3 class E;
HWM1-1250 is 630, 700, 800, 1000, 1250 five grades,
HWM1-1600 is 1 000, 1250, 1600 three grades;
HWM1-2000 is 1 600, 1800, 2000 three levels
According to the arcing distance, it is divided into short arcing and zero arcing (represented by W);
According to the wiring method, it is divided into front wiring, rear wiring, and plug-in;
According to the type of overcurrent release, it is divided into electromagnetic (instantaneous) type, thermal electromagnetic (duplex) type and intelligent type.
Circuit breaker suitable for working environment
The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m;
The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40°C, not lower than -5°C;
In a medium without explosion hazard, and the medium is not enough to corrode metals and destroy
insulation and conductive dust;
Where there is no rain or snow;
pollution degree 3;
Installation Category II

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