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YUANKY Gfci Sockets 15A 20A 125V Safety Outlet Tamper Resistant Self Test Gfci Receptacle



Residential :

Bathrooms Kitchens Basements Garages Laundry rooms Wet locations

Social institution:

School class rooms Laboratories Restrooms and Kitchens

Airports Commercial Offices Shopping centers

Restaurants Hotels Public bathrooms .

Public Areas receptacle which near wet or damp locations.


  • America 

GFCI sockets-a1

The GFCI Outlet self-test automatically every 15 minutes to ensure reliable protection from shock due to ground fault occurrences. Meeting National Electrical Code requirements for ground fault protection, GFCI protection is required by code in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, outdoor areas, and for any other outlets found within six feet of a sink or water source. GFCI outlets should always be used when replacing existing GFCI outlets during renovation.

Tamper -Resistant

Helps keep children safe.

Helps prevent insertion of foreign objects.

Children insert objects into the socket such as screw driver, knife or copper wire can not make the TR shutter open, unless the plug insert into with both pins.

Self- Protection Function

The GFCI will warning user with yellow led on if Voltage instability, (voltage blew 90V or over 180V) and will cut off the power after 5 minutes if no one handles it, which protect users’ household appliances and equipment from damage.

■ GFCI shall automatically conduct self-test every 15 minutes to ensure continuous protection.

■ Auto-monitoring exceeds the UL requirement UL943 2018 version.

■ On initial power up,tests the GFCI within 3 seconds.

■ Enhanced Service Life led indicator lamp integrates two-color function: Green/Red.

■ Strong anti-interference design.

GFCI sockets-a2

GFCI sockets-a3 GFCI sockets-a4

GFCI sockets-a5

Attentions :

GFCI’S Green Led wi1l on if you Reversed wiring with LINE/LOAD. No power to the socket. Which will protect your device and avoid accident.

Yellow attention sticker sealed the for GFCI’S Load terminals only.

Read the Installation instructions carefully before you start install the GFCI outlet.

Make sure power supply been shut down before your operation.

Call an electrician if it is necessary.

Please use AWG 14 for 15Amp GFCI, and AWG 12 for 20Amp GFCI Outlet.

Prevents Line-load Reversal Miswired:

No power to the face outlet or downstream receptacle if wired incorrectly.

Meet Latest UL2018 Requirements

Self test GFCI conducts an automatic test every 15 minutes, to ensure provide safety protection continuously.

GFCI sockets-a6 GFCI sockets-a7 GFCI sockets-a8

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