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YUANKY HWM32RT thermal magnetic adjustable circuit breaker 2P 3P 4P 160A 320A 630A 800A Power Distribution Motor Protection Mccb



HWM32RT series circuit breaker is the company combining with the advantages of the international similarproducts at home and abroad and the demand of the market research and development level of the new version of the breaker.




  • America 

Product Features

This breaker’s rated in sulation volage is 690V, is applied to distribution network circuit of AC 50HZ, rated working voltage up to 690V, rated working current up to 800A, which is for electricenergy distribution, circuit protection, protecting power supply facility from destroying by the foult of overloading, short circuit and undervoltage ,meanwhile it is also used for protection from unfrequent starting, over loading, short circuit and unervdtage of the eletromotor.

This breaker has such characteristics of company volume, high short circuit interrupting capacty, shortflach arcing and etc which is a ideal product for users,This breaker can be installed vertically(upright),and also horizontally.

This breaker comply with standard IEC60947-2、GB 14048.2.

Miniaturization design

Product volume miniatu rization, such as the size of the same size of the original 125 shell shelf 63 sheu, can meet the customer’s personality needs of the product installation size

Size uniform

The same shell level, different sub ability(C、S、M、H)、different functions (air,leakage )product installation size is completely consistent

The function of the reasonable parameter setting

Circuit breaker can realize long-time delay overload inwerse time, short circuit instantaneous action protection functions such as paramets setting, users can set their own protective properties required,the distribution network is used in the circuit breaker on the lower levet with more reasonable.

Suitable working environment and installation condition

Altitude less than 2000m

Ambient medium temperature is from -50 Cto+40C(+45C for shipping product)

Can withstand moist cuir

Can with stand mold

Can withstand nuclear radiation

Max incination is 22.5°

It can still work reliably if the product subjects to the normal vibration from ships

It can still work reliably if the product subjects to the earthquake(4g)

Put in the place where is no explosion danger and conductive dust, cant corrode metel and destroy the insnlation sleet.

Put in the place where is no sleet.


Selection Guide

HWM32  RT  -  160  H  Z  /  3  300  2  A  Q1  D  Q  2

Type The adjustable type Frame Inm Breaking capacity Icu/Ics(KA)
HWM32 RT 160 H
MCCB RT: Therm-magT/A:Therm/mag 160,320,630,800Remark:160 Frame upgrade from 125320 Frame upgrade from 250630 Frame upgrade from 400 160320630800 C15/7.530/1535/18 S35/2535/25 M50/3550/3550/3550/35 H70/5070/5070/5070/50
Operation Poles Tripping mode and inner accessary Rated current(A)
P 4 300 160
P:Motor-drivenZ:Rotory handleW:DirectMotor-driven operationDC1, DC2, DC3 2:2P3:3P4:4P First figure means tripping unit way2:Only with magnetic release3:Thermal release+magnetic release bodyRemark:The last two figures means accessory code

(see accessaries list)







20-25, 25-32, 32-40, 40-50,50-63, 63-80, 80-100,100-125, 125-160100-125, 125-160,160-200, 200-250,


200-250, 250-320,

320-400, 400-500,


500-630, 630-800

Application Option for 4P MCCB
2 A
1:Power distribution2:Motor-protection A:N pole without protection, ON/OFF withoutB:N pole without protection, ON/OFF switched
Accessary Voltage Motor-driven operation voltage Connection Connection plate
Q1 D1 Q 2
UVTQ1:AC220VQ2:AC240VQ3:AC380VQ4:AC415V ShuntF1:AC220VF2:AC380VF3:DC110VF4:DC24V AuxiliaryJ1:AC125VJ2:AC250VJ3:DC125VJ4:DC24V DC1D1:AC220VD2:AC230VD3:AC380VD4:AC400V DC3D5:AC230VD6:AC110VD7:DC220D8:DC110



Q:FrontH:RearC:Plug-in 1:W/O2:W
Remark: DC1, DC3 motor-driven operating voltage see extenal accessaries table.




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