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British 13A 30mA RCD protected safety socket single RCD plastic and UK socket switched

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An easily fitted unit incorporating a Residual Current Device, give much greater safety in the use of electrical appliances against the a risk of overloading and electrocution.

0130SPW plastic and UF type can be fitted to a standard box with minimum depth of 25mm.

Designed to be used in the fixed position only and not mounted out doors.

Press green reset(R)button the indicator flag turns red and indicator light turns on,

Press blue test(T)button the indicator flag turns black and indicator light turns off means the RCD has tripped successfully Press red fuse(F)button the fuse cartridge daps out for fuse replacement.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS4293,and used with a BS1362 fuse only.

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    Rated Voltage: 240VAC

    Rated Current: 13A max

    Frequency: 50Hz

    Tripping current: 10mA & 30mA

    Tripping speed: 40mS max

    Voltage Surge: 4K (100KHz Ring Wave)

    Endurance: 3000 Cycles min

    Hit-Pot: 2000v min

    Approval: CE&BS

    Cable capacity:3×2.5 mm2

    IP Rating:IP4X


    Application: Equipment,Householdappliances, etc.

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