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Electrical supply HW-KYN series Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear Cabinet

Summary HW-KYN removable AC m etal-clad switchgear (shortfor panel as below) is a new prod uct, designed and developed by YUANKY Group, based on the introduction of advanced foreign design and manufacturing technology. It will be a substitute for old fashioned metal-enclosed switchgear. The panel applies to 3.6~12kV 3 phase AC 50Hz network for receiving and distributing power energy and also for control, monito r and protection.


It can be arranged for single busbar, single busbar sectionlizing system or double busbar. It accords with IEC62271-200 AC Metal En closed Switch and Control Equipment above 1kV and below 52kV IEC60694 Standard Common Clauses for HV Switchgear, DIN.

VDE AC Switchgear at Rated Voltage Above 1kV, GB3906 3~35kV AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear and so on. It has perfect and reliable prevention function against misoperation.


Ambient condition

1. Ambient temperature: -10C ~40C; daily average≤35C;

2. Altitude:s1000m;

3. Relative humidity: daily averages95%, monthly average≤90%;

4. Earthquake intensty:<8 degree;

5. Applicable occasions should be free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibration.


Structure feature

The enclosure is made of aluminium-zinc plated steel sheet by CNC machine, high precise dimension, short production cycle, excellent mechanical strength and nice appearance. The busbar compartment, VCB handc art compartment, cable compartment and relay compartment are separated by metal sheet. Flexible operation for handcart movement, clear position instruction, the earthing switch allow to making short circuit current and creditable mechanical interlock. The panel adopts air insulated, the door of circuit breaker have the function of anti-explosion, tested by internal electric arcing fault, without any welding contacts on the panel, mechanica | and ele ctrical I ocking de sign, the product conforms to GB 3906, GB/T11022, IEC 62271-200, DL /T404 standards , and passed domestic and Netherlandish KEMA test.

Electrical supply HW-KYN series Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear Cabinet 1 Electrical supply HW-KYN series Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear Cabinet 2

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