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Explosion Proof Control Button G34 IP65 WF1 10A BT6 CT6 Exproof Control Button For Petroleum Exploitation And Chemical Industry


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Explosion-proof control button

Scope of application

Suitable for explosive gas environment zone 1 and zone 2;
Suitable for ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC explosive gas environment;
It is suitable for dangerous places in 20, 21 and 22 zones of combustible dust environment;
It is suitable for the environment of temperature group T1-T6;
It is widely used in oil exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, offshore oil platform, oil tanker and other flammable and explosive gas environment, as well as in military industry, metal processing and other combustible dust places.

Technical parameter

Executive Standards: GB3836.1-2010, GB3836.2-2010, GB3836.3 — 2010, GB12476.1-2013, GB12476.5-2013 and IEC60079;
Rated voltage: AC380V / 220V;
Rated current: 10A;
Explosion proof signs: exde Ⅱ BT6, exde Ⅱ CT6;
Protection grade: IP65;
Anticorrosion grade: WF1;
Use category: AC-15 DC-13;
Inlet thread: (G ”): G3 / 4 inlet specification (please specify if there are special requirements);
Cable outer diameter: suitable for 8mm ~ 12mm cable.

Product features

The shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy by one-time die-casting. The surface is cleaned by high-speed blasting and high-voltage electrostatic spraying. The shell has compact and reasonable structure, good strength, excellent explosion-proof performance, strong adhesion of plastic powder on the surface, good anti-corrosion performance, clean and beautiful appearance.
The whole structure is a compound structure, the shell adopts increased safety structure, stainless steel exposed fasteners, with strong waterproof and dust-proof ability, and the built-in buttons, indicator lights and meters are explosion-proof components; Explosion proof button and increased safety ammeter can be installed inside;
The button with ammeter can monitor the running state of the equipment;
Steel pipe or cable wiring.

Outline and installation dimensions



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