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HW-10F/2Z、HW-10F/3Z General-Purpose Relay

Small size, light weight and high sensitivity and long service life
it can provide 2 sets and 3 sets(10A) of contact conversion
Socket mounted
it can match the indicator lamp and doodie
  • America 

Type and meaning


1、Enterprise Code: Haohui Electronics

2、Serial Number

3、Number of contact groups: two,three

4、H-normally open contact Contact Form: z-conversion type D-normally closed contact

5、mounted type: plug-in moudted

6、operating state:L:LED indicate No Letters:no indicate

7、auxiliary function :D/CRInhibitory protection

8、Coil Voltage:DCis for direct voltage AC is for alternating voltage

Product performance

 Contact resistance ≤100mΩ
Electrical life ≥1×105
Mechanical life ≥1×10⁶
Coil voltage DC:6-220V AC:6-380V
Suction time ≤20ms
Release time ≤15ms
Between the same pole contacts 1000VAC/1min(Leakage current 1 mA)
Between polar contacts 1500VAC/1min(Leakage current 1 mA)
Between contact and coi 2000VAC/1min(Leakage current 1mA)
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(500VDC
Ambient temperature -25°℃~+55℃
Ambient humidity 35%~80%RH
Atmospheric pressure 86~106KP
Impact resistance 10G(Sine half wave pulse:11ms
Vibration resistance 10~55Hz Double amplitude:1.5mm
dimension 35X35X55mm
weight around 75g

External dimensions (mm)


Wiring diagram


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