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Meter factory HW3000 three phase IP54 5A 10A smart meter

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Full DLMS/COSEM package to be ready for AMI implementation, ensuring immediate interoperability with enriched HAN application, whereas the latest STS compliance for next 10 yeras smart grid and Internet of Things.

HW3000M is a highly accurate, robust, system ready meter that is ideally suited for commercial and light industrial metering applications. With its standard communication protocol, HW3000M) meter can be integrated into any metering system. The HW3000M meter can be easily upgraded and offers our customers the flexibility to keep pace with their changing metering requirements and business growth.

The meter adopts the latest STS standards for prepayment, with variant to accommodate the CTS configuration used in some countries. It offers high security features including main and terminal cover removal detection and magnetic field manipulation detection protect the meter and module from fraud or tampering.

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