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YUANKY Tuv Licence 20KA 40KA 600V 1000V 1500V Surge Arrester Protective Device DC SPD 48V PV Surge Protector





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Functions and application areas

DC surge protector BY40- PV1000 is suitable for solar photovoltaic system. It is a voltage-limiting surge protector. It is used to prevent lightning overvoltage and transient overvoltage from damage to photovoltaic power generation DC power system. It is used to protect DC power system from overvoltage. Surge protector for solar power. It has positive and negative to ground common mode protection and positive to negative differential mode protection, which can ensure the most suitable lightning protection for DC module inverters. Normal: 1. 3 normally closed, fault: 1. 3 normally open). The salient features of the DC surge protector are low output residual voltage and fast response time, especially when the lightning surge passes through the protector, the subsequent current will not appear. When the lightning arrester fails due to overheating, overcurrent, or breakdown due to lightning strikes, the built-in failure tripping device can automatically disconnect it from the power grid. The product grade is C grade.


This product does not require daily maintenance, but the lightning protection module needs to be checked regularly every year. If you find that the color of the fault indication window changes from green to red, please contact our company in time, so that our company can handle it in time, relieve your worries, and for your safety Escort.

Characteristic Use the advantages
Metal Oxide Varistors The lightning arrester can cope with frequent actions and has a long life
Pluggable parts The lightning arrester can be plugged and unplugged with power to facilitate testing or replacement
Deteriorated window indicator The working status of the lightning arrester is clear at a glance
Built-in instantaneous overcurrent short circuit device 100% quality control, safe to use
Sophisticated craftsmanship Can work for a long time in harsh environments such as acid, alkali, dust, salt spray and humidity

Technical parameter



Maximum continuous working voltage Un DC  12V~ 24V~ 48V~ 100V~ 500V~ 800V~ 1000V~ 1500V~
Lightning protection zone

LPZ  1 →2

Level of need

Class C  Class II

Standard test

IEC61643-1  GB18802.1

Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs)

In  20KA

Maximum discharge current (8/20 μs)

Imax  40KA

Voltage protection level When UP is In  ≤150V ≤200V ≤460V ≤800V ≤2.0KV ≤2.8KV ≤3.0KV ≤3.5KV
Response time

tA  <25ns

Maximum backup fuse

125A gI/gG

Cross-sectional area of connecting line 2.5-35mm2  (single strand, multi-strand wire)2.5-25mm(multi-strand flexible wire, sheathed at the connection end)

Snap-on on 35mm rails (complies with EN50022)

Protection level


Range of working temperature



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