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YUANKY Dry Type Transformer 10KV 0.4KV Three Phase Solid Molding Epoxy Pouring Transformer


Product overview

It is safe, non-pollute,and flame proof, which can be installed directly on the load center with the merits of free maintenance, easy nstallation, low combined operationcost, low loss and excellent humidity resistance. The transformer can be operated normally under 100% humidity and put into motion without dry in advance when out of use It shares the properties of low partial electricity local discharge, low noise and large heat dispel capability, it can be operated with the rated load of 120% under the forced air cooling conditions. With perfect temperature protectcontrol system to ensure safty operation of the transformer Referring to the operation research of10 thousand transformers have been putto use, their relabilty norm have reached advanced international standard.



  • America 

Product features

Low Loss, Low Operating Cost, Energy- saving Effect Is Obvious;

Flame, Fire, Explosion, Pollution-free;

Moisture Performance, Heat Dissipation Ability;

Board Lowered, Noise, Maintenance-free;

High Mechanical Strength, Resistance To Short- circuit Capability, Long Life

Range of application

This product should be and in high-rise buildings, commercial centers, hospitals, laboratories, schools, theaters, offshore diling platforms, ships and oil chemical plant, railway stations, airports, subway, mine, water conservancy coal-fired power plants, substations, etc.

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