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Yuanky Variable Speed AC Motor Driver Sensorless Vector Micro AC Driver


Main Features:

HW20V-M Series is Sensorless Vector Micro AC Drive. The compact design is ideal for small and medium horsepower applications. The M drive is designed to provide an ultra-low-noise operation, and includes several innovative technologies that reduce interference.


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16-bit microprocessor controlled PWM output.
Automatic torque boost & Slip compensation.
Output frequency:0.1 ~ 400 Hz.
8-step speed control &7-step process control.
Low-noise carrier frequency up to 15KHz.
2 accel./decel. Times & S-curve.

Process follower 0-10VDC.4-20mA.
Communication interface RS485.
Energy saving & Automatic voltage regulation (AVR).
Adjustable V/F curve & Simple vector control.
Automatic adjustment of accel./decel. times.
PID feedback control.
Simple position function.


Application Range:

Packing machine. dumpling machine. treadmill. temperature/humidity control fan for agriculture and aquaculture. mixer for food processing. grinding machine. drilling machine. small size hydraulic lathe. coating equipment. small size milling machine. robot arm of injection machine(clamp). wood machine (two-side woodworking planer). edge bending machine. etc.

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