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Wholesale Plugs And Extension Sockets



These plugs are all IP66 when fitted to a 56 series cord connector or socket outlet. The body section is transparent for quick and easy inspection of the terminals and cable entry. Plugs are available with 4 to 7 pins. 16A to 50A to cover most applications.


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Extension Sockets & Applicance Connectors

YUANKY there phase extension socket/appliance connector is an important design breakthrough. Now there is a common unit for both cord extension socket and appliance connector


All connectors have impact resistant, UV stabilized mouldings. The IP66 rating can be achieved when extension socket/ connectors are used in conjunction with compatible accessories such as 56P plugs, 56PA plugs and 56A1 appliance inlets. IP66 rated units feature a hose proof cap which maintains the international protection rating when the accessory is not being used.

Note: cap not provided as standard with single phase extension sockets. Refer 56T series for terminators to connect hose to non standard gland nut thread.

Options Available

56HWPC2 socket cap to suit single phase extension sockets.

56HWPC310 and 56HWPC315 available in resistant orange-add RO to catalogue number e. g. 56HWPC310 becomes 56HWPC310RO.


Model No. Description IP rating
56P410 4Pin 10A 500V IP66
56P420 4Pin 20A 500V IP66
56P432 4Pin 32A 500V IP66
56P440 4Pin 40A 500V IP66
56P450 4Pin 50A 500V IP66
56P510 5Pin 10A 500V IP66
56P520 5Pin 20A 500V IP66
56P532 5Pin 32A 500V IP66
56P540 5Pin 40A 500V IP66
56P550 5Pin 50A 500V IP66
56P610 6Pin 10A 500V IP66
56P620 6Pin 20A 500V IP66
56P710 7Pin 10A 500V IP66
56P720 7Pin 20A 500V IP66

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