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Yuanky EN61009 2 Pole Residual Current Breaker Overload RCBO


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 Electrical specification IEC898(EN 61009) GB16917.1
Tripping duration at least 10ms delay(UKL7-40) not delay time at least 10ms delay
Rated current  240V;50Hz,240V;50Hz,240V/415V
Rated residual action current  30,100mA 30,100mA,30,300mA
Sensitivity: typeA  typeA typeAC
Selective grade  3
Rated breaking capability(A)  4.5,6KA
Rated current 6-40A
Tripping character B,D, Ccharacteristic curve
Maximum connected fuse  100AgL(>10kA)
Environment capability according to the IEC1008 standard
Case protection grade  IP40(after installation)
Life: electric no less than 4000 times of breaking and closing
Mechanical no less than 20000 times of breaking and closing
Install type    DIN 35mm Bus-bar
Terminal with wire  1-16mm2wire Busc Bar thickness 0.8-2mm

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