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Contactor Factory CJX2-D Russia Type 690V 115A 150A 170A AC Contactor


Cjx2–d (lc1-d) series AC contactor (hereinafter referred to as contactor), mainly used for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, When AC voltage is 660V (690V), and working voltage is 380V under AC-3 service category, the circuit with rated working current to 170a is used for long-distance switching on and off circuit. It can be combined with corresponding thermal relay to form magnetic starter to protect the circuit with possible overload. Contactor is suitable for frequent starting and control of AC motor.

The contactor and LC1, LC2, Lp1, LP2, cjx4-d have the same function and corresponding specifications, which can be used equally with each other. It is an ideal replacement product for old products such as cj0 and CJ10.


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Normal working conditions and installation conditions

1. The ambient air temperature is -5c – +40c, and the average value of the air temperature within 24 hours is not more than +35c;

2. Altitude: not more than 2000m;

3. Atmospheric conditions: the relative temperature of the atmosphere shall not exceed 50% at +40c, and the relative humidity can be higher at lower temperature. The average minimum temperature of the wettest month shall not exceed +25c, and the monthly average maximum relative humidity of the month shall not exceed 90%. And consider condensation on the product due to temperature change;

4. Pollution level: Grade 3;

5. Installation category: class I;

6. Installation conditions: the inclination of the installation surface and the vertical plane shall not exceed 5 °;

7. Shock vibration: the product shall be installed and used in places without significant shaking, shock and vibration.

8. Installation mode: in addition to screw installation, contactor can also be installed with 35mm, type standard clamp rail. The AC operation 40-95 can be installed by 35 mm or 75mm clamp rail;

Note: only 75mm rail can be used for DC operation 40-95, and 115-170 is equipped with special clamp rail.

Structure characteristics

1. The contactor is protective, the action structure is direct acting, the contact is double breakpoint, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low power consumption, long life, safety and reliability;

2. The contactor can be used as mechanical reversible interlocking magnetic starter, star delta decompression starter, and can also add auxiliary contact group and air delay head according to the user selection and other combination of derivative series products.

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