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Contactors Factory CJ156 Russia Type 660V 100A AC Contactor


Cj156 series AC contactor (abbreviated as contactor) is suitable for AC 50Hz (derived for 60Hz), rated voltage to 660V, rated working current from 100A power system, for electrical products in metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, construction and other industries, as long-distance frequent connection, breaking circuit and starting, stopping, reverse and reverse connected brake motor.



  • America 

The contactor of this series meets the requirements of gb14048.4-2003 low voltage switchgear and control equipment low voltage electromechanical contactor and motor starter, and the auxiliary contact part conforms to gb14048.5–2001 “low voltage switchgear and control equipment control circuit electrical appliances and switch elements part I electromechanical control circuit electrical appliances”, and iec60947-.4-1:2000 is equivalent, Iec60947-5-1: 1997 standard.


The contactor is a rotating plane layout strip structure, with the main contact system at the left, the electromagnetic system in the center, the auxiliary contact on the right, and the auxiliary contact can also be installed on the left side of the main contact system. The AC electromagnetic system of contactor is composed of double U-shaped electromagnet and attraction coil. Armature and yoke are equipped with buffer device to reduce the impact stress at the moment of magnetic system closing, rebound phenomenon during contact suction and release, which can greatly improve the electrical life and mechanical life. And equipped with a rotating stop structure arrangement for easy monitoring and maintenance. The main contact is finger contact with single break point, and the arc extinguishing cover is pressed with high strength arc resistant plastic, which has good arc extinguishing performance and high mechanical strength. The auxiliary contact is double break bridge contact.

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