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Distribution Box Oem HW-PD-32 Modular Mute 1.2mm Panel Board


  • America 

Aluminum alloy bottom frame:

The bottom frame is made of aviation aluminum, extruded by dumpling chain, processed by CNC machine, ground sand, drawn and oxidized.

Toughened glass mask:

It is made of 3mm toughened glass, CNC cutting, water grinding polishing and double-layer silk screen printing.

Silent magnetic door panel:

It adopts silica gel wrapped strong magnetic design to effectively reduce the opening and closing sound.

Square hole wire rack:

The square hole wire rack is used to fix the sealing board and network equipment. The engineer can carry out on-site wiring, embedding, adjusting and installation according to the demand.


1.2mm steel rolling CNC stamping forming, CNC bending, spot welding, environmental protection spray. Note: according to the actual requirements, the tapping device can be used to open the hole and enter the wire by itself.

Modular master:

The cable management rack is easy to install, and the wiring is neat; it is equipped with three 24 port Gigabit six type cable management ports, which is convenient for cable management;

The single layer equipment rack of standard rack type network switch can accommodate non-standard equipment, router, optical cat, etc;

8-bit PDU cabinet power socket.

Installation method: concealed installation

distribution box-A

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