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Wifi circuit breaker smart radio controller 10A 125A RCCB intelligent breakers control

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Safety Alert
This product cannot protect against personal electric shock, line overvoltage or undervoltage, and equipment leakage.Please pay attention to the protection range.
It is forbidden to install and disassemble the product when it is live, and adjust and repair it to prevent human body electric shock and equipment short-circuit hazards, and strictly follow the electricity standard.
Strictly follow the wiring diagram on the front of the manual, and the neutral wire and live wire must be connected to the corresponding positions.
When the circuit breaker is tripped, it is forbidden to perform remote closing operations without conducting line inspection and troubleshooting. Before the remote closing operation, it is necessary to exclude the line maintenance. It is recommended to unplug the outlet end wire while performing the power-off treatment for the maintenance. Blind remote operation will result in personal injury or property damage.
It is forbidden to give the remote control device to children and unrelated personnel to play and operate, so as to avoid misoperation and cause personal injury or property damage.
It is forbidden to use it when the communication network is unstable, which may easily cause the equipment to lose connection and control, resulting in personal injury or property damage..
It is forbidden to use our products in the special equipment industry. If you need any consultation, please contact our technical department for technical confirmation. property damage.
If the user fails to use and construct in accordance with the above terms, the user who violates the regulations shall bear all consequences and legal liabilities.t for technical confirmation. property damage.

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