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Yuanky Energy Meter LCD Display 6+2 High Stability IP54 5(60)A 10(100)A Single Phase Anti-Tamper KWH Meter


The meter is designed to measure single phase two wire AC active energy. It adopt LSI and SMT technology, the key component are long life international brand product. It is a long life meter with the advantage of high stability, high over load capability, low power loss and compact size.


  • America 

Basic Function

LCD display 6+2(default) , battery for display when power off

Bi-directional total active energy measurement, reverse active energy measure in the total active energy

Anti-tamper function: also measure when connect to earth, bypass, or add resistor in circuit. If phase line and neutral line load is different >12.5%, the meter will measure as the bigger load circuit. The meter can measure when missing neutral line

There is three LED indication: tamper, reverse, impulse LED.

Pulse LED indicates working of meter, Pulse output with optical coupling isolation

Insulated protective-class I, Case protective class IP54 by IEC60529

Technical Data

Rate voltage AC

110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V (0.8~1.2Un)

Rate current/


5(60)A, 10(100)A / 50Hz or 60Hz ± 10%

Connection mode

Direct type

Accuracy class

1% or 0.5%

Power consumption


Start current


AC voltage withstand

4000V/25mA for 60s

Over current withstand

30lmax for 0.01s

IP grade


Executive standard



Work temperature


Pulse output

Passive pulse,

80±5 ms

energy meter-2

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