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Australia Hw4lm 4.0AH Recycling 600Times LED Cold Light Safety Lamp


Product Introduction

HW4LM(E) safety lamp is a new environmental cap lamp, which adopts advanced LED light source and lithium ion battery to design and produces. It has the characteristics of small cubage, longevity, no pollution, free of maintaining, electricity-saving and safety and so on and so forth. This

kind of portable product is used to illuminate for coal miners underground, and it can also be applied to the following terrible and disgusting occasions: field work at night, emergency rescues and disaster relief, inspection, surveying and exploration etc.


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Structure Characteristic

It adopts the most advanced LED cold light source in the world, providing lifetime of light source more than 5000 hours, not need to change for life.

Main and secondary light source adopts the advanced international technology of integration, the shape of burner is delicate and generous, the construction and performance make itself more reasonable and reliable, secondary light source fit for traditional aesthetic experience and requirement much more.

It adopts the new cobalt acidity battery for the light source that can be charging and dischargingrecycling ore than 800 times, compared with the lead acidity battery, its longevity grows 2 to 3 times or so , and free of maintaining, good security and no need to add the electrolyte. Namely, it can last more than 2 years on condition that there is not any repair bills.

It can be illuminated longer than before. Common main lamp can light constantly about 15 hours and secondary one can reach 40 hours.

LED cold light source adopts steady driving device. And the current in working state won t change with the change of voltage of battery, so that the illumination of light beginning and 11-hour-lighting can basically keep on the same level.

The functions of battery s protection are quite well, such as excessive charging and discharging device, short circuit and over-heating equipment. If the short circuit happens, this device can cut the electricity in 0.1ms, which stops the sparks caused by short circuit to be an accident. After

eliminating the fault, the charging system of battery will automatically restore its power supply to assure the mineral lamp is used safely. In this case, mineral lamp can really achieve its critic safety.

The burner contains the charging controller. This controller can directly install on kinds of manganese charging track of 1 cap lamp, which is extremely convenient in use.

Its light weight, small cubage, no pollution, no fluid bleeding and no maintenance makes this mineral cap lamp to be a real new green environmental type.

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